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OCC Headphone Cables – Copper


Performance meets craft. Finest components are sourced from high end audio manufacturers before being assembled and constructed in-house by custom cable makers. Japanese Ultra Pure OCC copper wires are quad braided by hand and soldered to an indestructible Viablue T6s 3.5mm Plug. The cable is finished with a handcarved koawood Y-split.

Technical Specifications
  • 5ft length
  • Made in USA

Ultra Purity OCC Copper Wires

Our cables use premium Japanese Ultra-Pure OCC wires, an extremely conductive and highly corrosion-resistant wire. Pure molten copper is slow drawn into cooled molds and put through a complex series of processes including casting, extruding and cooling to achieve a true unidirectional copper crystal structure with a purity grade of 6N. Its superior mechanical properties explains its exclusive use for performance cables in the high end audio industry.


Viablue T6s 3.5mm Plug

Our cables are fitted with German 3.5mm Viablue T6s stereo plugs. Bronze core pins and solder contacts are thickly plated with 24 carat gold before being housed in a virtually indestructible aluminum outer shell. This combination further increases conductivity while protecting the contacts from erosion. A narrow extended collar behind the plug shaft ensures a perfect fit into the recessed openings of device cases.


Koawood Y-Split

Koawood is cut and hand carved into a compact profile to cover and protect the junction where cables split. Known for a rich grain, striped rosewood is easily recognised by its dark reddish brown shade complimented with streaks of dark brown stripes. Made of a natural material, our Y-splits will darken and mature beautifully with age.

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