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Striped Rosewood Headphone Cups


Our headphone cups are handcrafted out of tropical tonewoods by masterful woodworkers. Blocks of striped rosewood undergo an delicate curing process before being hand turned to achieve a consistent sonic signature. The wooden driver housings are sanded and polished to a smooth matte finish. Being a product of nature, striped rosewood will darken and mature beautifully with age.

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  • Fits all Grado and Alessandro Headphones
  • 6cm L x 6cm W x 4cm H
  • Made in Indonesia

Striped Rosewood

Striped rosewood is coveted as a musically rich tonewood with a sweeping frequency range and natural timbre. Known for a rich grain, this tropical tonewood is easily recognised by its dark reddish brown shade, streaked with dark brown stripes. Made of a natural material, striped rosewood will darken and mature beautifully with age.


Quick Cable Port

Installing drivers has never been easier. Our quick cable port which runs from side to the base of the cup, removes the need to thread cables through the port after liberating stock drivers. This system allows custom cables and performance drivers to be pre-soldered and interchanged with ease.


Woven Wire Mesh

Industrial woven wire mesh, screens the open-back form factor of the cups. Abrasion resistant metal screens are made out of high durability spring steel. Each screen is individually punched from a sheet of mesh and glued by hand to the inside of the driver enclosures.

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